Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hua Yu Wee, Wheee!!!

Hua Yu Wee is the kind of eatery that is like an old friend - you can always count on it. My family has been going there for seafood, several times a year, for the longest time. Housed in a 1950s style Chinese bungalow with an outdoor seating area in the back, it still exudes the rustic charm the old seafood restaurants along Upper East Coast Road used to be famous for. Ambience aside, it serves up good value - fresh seafood in large portions, decent prices.

On a recent visit, we had:

steamed prawns, all plump and superfresh

a close-up look - look at those suckers!

steamed fish hong kong style

(sorry we were too busy stuffing our faces and kept forgetting to get the shots BEFORE tucking in)

deepfried baby squid

ho see fatt choy (dried oysters and black moss)

sri lankan crab in chilli crab style

accompanied by mantou

There were also two steamed Sri Lankan crabs. In all, the bill came up to SGD $208 for five people. So that was another good meal at Hua Yu Wee.

(Steve, here's another pic, just for you!)



Blogger Sonicstarburst said...

I miss TAI SAN Seafood Paradise. It was the only air-conditioned one along the stretch. It was a regular wedding dinner venue and for all other BIG occasions for both sides of my family.Rem the 'seafront' before ECP got built?

7:07 pm  
Blogger blobbes said...

Oh yeah we used to go to that one too, once in a while. Do I remember the seafront? I remember something of it, not so much around there but rather the stretch in front of Katong Park.

7:45 pm  

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