Sunday, May 27, 2007

For Your Eyes Only

And so it has commenced, the season of looting and pillaging aka the Great Singapore Sale. To fortify ourselves for a day of shopping (and to buy my compliance for a whole day), HM whisked us off to Corduroy Cafe at Vivocity for an early lunch. Our first choice was in fact Brotzeit but it was still closed for business when we arrived at 11.45 a.m. Over at Corduroy Cafe, we were early enough to have our pick of tables, and I must say, it is a lovely space.

With leather and corduroy (what else?) upholstered armchairs galore, all clustered around round low coffee tables, the place rather reminded us of a typical Aussie cafe which I suppose was quite the point. With lots of sunlight streaming in, and a sea view to boot, the setting was very pleasant indeed, just the kind of place for a leisurely brunch. Unfortunately, the food did not quite match up to the setting. It was pretty food, decent enough, but the quality was just not quite there. (If I had to compare the food to that of P.S. Cafe, Graze or even Wild Rocket, which I would consider to be Corduroy's closest competitors, there would be no contest - the other cafes would win hands down.)

cafe latte and cafe au lait

meatloaf and gherkin sandwich

warm chicken and tzatziki salad

That's not to say that the food was bad, but it could certainly have been better. Take, for example, the meatloaf and gherkin sandwich. There was something about the quantity of ingredients (or lack thereof) between the slices of ciabatta that left us somewhat disgruntled. As for the warm chicken and tzatziki salad, the chicken was delicious but the salad and chicken were both overdressed. Sometimes, the little things do count.

apple rhubarb crumble

Still, we were enjoying the meal, at least we were, until we decided to order some dessert. That took forever to arrive. By this time, HM was itching to start shopping. It took 15 minutes for the crumble to be served, and, no, it was not accompanied by an apology. It wasn't one even the type of crumble that had to be freshly baked (it was chilled), so why did it take so long? The crumble itself wasn't bad, although it tasted mostly of custard with barely any hint of rhubarb.

The next time, we will try ordering the all-day breakfast items, this being an Aussie-style cafe. Those looked sizable, judging from what we could see at other tables. Either that or we'll just go for the view.



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