Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Swear It Was So Good...

HM and I hadn't planned for yet another major meal, but we were downtown and at a loss about where to go and what to eat for dinner. God knows we weren't keen on another ang mo meal, not after the huge dinner at Churchill Club (see previous entry), and not before the next day's brunch treat at Wild Rocket (see latest entry). Nevertheless, we both felt the need for something nourishing, something that would fortify us. Nabe or Japanese hotpot seemed like a good choice.

the real thing

We have always liked Kuriya at Shaw Centre - busy but not hassle-y, a step up from the conveyor belt and family type restaurant but not pretentious, and always excellent value for money, given the freshness and quality of the ingredients and standard of cooking and presentation. Not surprisingly, we could not get a table straightaway, not without a reservation; they managed to squeeze us in forty minutes later.

As always, the set menus which offer the best value for money were all tempting. Having set on our hearts on nabe, we settled on the kani nabe (king crab hotpot) set for two.

prawn with Japanese cucumber, ikura (fish roe), and baby squid and bamboo shoot in miso

assorted sashimi - sake (salmon), maguro (tuna), shime saba (mackerel), ama-ebi (sweet prawn)

king crab legs

the highlight - kani nabe or king crab hotpot

One of the highlights of the meal was the sashimi which was very fresh. The ama-ebi were a real treat, being incredibly sweet. Of course, the focus of the meal was the king crab. This was my first taste of king crab and I really enjoyed the sweetness of the flesh. However, as HM noted, the texture of the flesh is somewhat "rougher" than, say, the Sri Lankan crabs, and also less "crabby" in taste. Still, dipped into the killer dipping sauce, it was delicious. Then came the hotpot itself. As with all steamboats, the best part was right at the end, when the soup stock was richly flavoured by the crab, the cabbage, the tong hou and the mushrooms. Spooned over udon, or just slurped up on its own, it was just the thing we needed to chase the blues away. We left completely and utterly satisfied, especially since the bill only came up to $90 including taxes and service, edamame (soy beans still in the shell), green tea and matcha (green tea) ice cream.



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