Tuesday, August 28, 2007

They Have Uncle Sam, We Have...

Uncle Samy has been serving banana leaf style Indian food from a canteen in the CSC Club at Dempsey since god knows when. The club is now defunct, and Samy's premises are apparently scheduled for a long overdue renovation. We usually go to the Samy's outlet at Food Loft, the food court at Marina Square, but craving an Indian food fix one Sunday, we thought we'd check out the old place before it disappeared.

Set amidst the still lush foliage, Samy's at Dempsey is a step back in time, from the black and white tiled floor to the fans spinning lazily overhead, to the days when the sahibs ruled the island. That perhaps is the reason why there was a steady stream of customers the night that we were there. God knows it can't have been the food.

briyani with tandoori chicken, papadam and fish cutlet

palak paneer (spinach with cheese)

chicken tikka (baked chicken)

sotong hitam (squid in black sauce)

mutton curry

Perhaps we should have ordered the signature dish, curry fish head, but we didn't feel like something so major. Suffice it to say, we were not impressed. Even the fish cutlet which is one of our favourites at Marina Square was disappointingly bland. What a pity...



Blogger Sonicstarburst said...

Come visit my neck of the woods and I take you to Karu's! Shiok Fish head! Approved by the oldies in my clan.

8:17 am  
Blogger blobbes said...

Yeah Karu's been getting good reviews. Will eventually make our way up there. What are the opening hours like?

10:01 am  

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