Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dinner at Chez Chat 4 March 07

(This one's for you, Ellie, 'cos you missed it!)

Finally decided to document HM's excellent adventures in cuisineland. Tonight our menu was Turkish-inspired, courtesy of Donna Hay. Everything you see here was homemade, except for those clearly labelled as store-bought.

hummus with paprika and olive oil

onion flatbread (by Kontos)

grilled vegetable and white bean salad, with a parsley dressing ala pesto

mint and fetta tabbouli (except that we used quinoa instead of bulgur)

spiced lamb with tahini dressing

date and almond cake with orange syrup

iced mint tea (Moroccan Mint, by Dilmah)

And there we have it, another delicious evening at Chez Chat. Rumour has it that the next adventure will involve ham, possibly as part of a breakfast-themed repast. By invitation only.



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