Saturday, April 07, 2007

Still Simple After All These Years

There are times when a bowl of plain porridge is just what the soul needs. Fortunately, life in this part of the world means one can always find one somewhere, somehow, at any time of day. I would hate to have to live anywhere where the only eat-out option is a fancy-schmancy restaurant or some place which charges ten bucks or more for a bowl of noodles. Those are nice in their own way but, hey, it's good to have a choice...

Having said that, I must admit that no meal with me is exactly a simple one. (For an explanation of that, please refer to this entry.) Here's what we had at Joo Seng Teochew Porridge Stall (that's not the actual name of the place but it's the one opposite Beauty World):

salted egg - mushed into warm porridge, these are divine...

stirfried bitter gourd with egg - Joo Seng does this dish well

fish cake - every Teochew porridge stall prides itself on its house style

steamed pomfret - a Teochew specialty, simply cooked to bring out the freshness of seafood

minced pork in spicy black bean sauce - indispensable, 'nuff said

preserved vegetables - our only concession to the need for fibre...

That's for two people. As HM pointed out, tables with four or five people ordered less than we did. Ah well - 'twas a good meal.

Total: SGD $18.70 inclusive of three bowls of plain porridge but not drinks.



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