Monday, May 28, 2007

The Great Singapore Sale

I'm just not cut out to shop, at least not for clothes or shoes. My idea of shopping is to wait till I absolutely need something, rush into a shopping centre, and buy the first item that more or less fits the bill. HM's modus operandi is much more methodical: she is what I would call a grazer. People like her systematically cover the same grounds over and over again, picking up bargains on a regular basis. People like me do the hit-and-run, much like how a hunter works. The only time I graze is at a bookstore or a music shop. I have to concede that the grazing method is much more productive if one is not to end up with the exhorbitantly priced, the incongruously inappropriate or the irritatingly ill-fitting in one's wardrobe.

Anyway, the latest grazing session, at Vivocity, resulted in the following:

embroidered bustierre-style top, $35, from Utopia
HM bought two of these, one in black and the other in turquoise blue.

cap, $25, from Gap
Finally, a cap that actually fits my head and is sufficiently low-key, and from all places, the Gap.

shoes, $130(left) and $120(right), from Aldo
Those Aldo shoes look remarkably like Camper...

socks, $8 each, from Nike
Nike socks at Malaysian prices...

pyjamas, $49 in total, from La Senza
HM waits for the annual sales before indulging in her pyjama habit.

tanktops, from Pull & Bear
Another of HM's obsessions: tanktops...

$15 for two books, from King Bookshop
Two totally random and opportunistic buys...



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