Sunday, July 22, 2007

We Grazed Again

I was supposed to go for a 5-hour nature ramble through the Central Nature Reserve, but, hey, it wasn't my fault that the weather showed signs of being inclement! As a form of consolation, heh, I joined HM and her friends for brunch at Graze.

HM and I were considerably more at ease on this visit. The waitpeople were less smarmy, the music was more appropriate, and the food was just as good as we remembered it to be.

my mocktail - lychee with mint

my eggs benedict with smoked salmon and spinach

HM's eggs on request - in this case, scrambled - on multigrain toast with bratwurst

It was the first visit for SSB and YT, and they seemed suitably impressed.

YT's classic housemade waffles with strawberries and nutella ice cream

SSB's Graze baked omelette with smoked salmon and mushrooms amongst other things

YT remarked that she now knew where to go for waffles. She liked the ice cream and the fact that there was one chunk of strawberry for every square of waffle. SSB didn't say much but her plate was wiped clean. The most damning evidence? For two carb-conscious people, they initially steered clear of the bread "basket". Having watched HM and myself munch our way through our two slices of bread dipped in Graze's signature spiced-infused honey, they finally succumbed and demolished a slice each. I'd say Graze made a positive impression. Too bad we didn't have space for cake...



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