Monday, June 18, 2007

Chin Lee

The parents and I had been meaning to try this place just across the road from their flat, but each time it had been crowded, Chinese New Year and all. Apparently Chin Lee used to be a zi cha type stall in the same location. Then it upgraded and became a full-fledged restaurant, upmarket enough to host a wedding dinner, and word had it that it was good and it was expensive.

zhe jiang pork ribs

jia xiang tofu

steamed pomfret Teochew style

fried mee sua

We ordered four dishes for the three of us. On the plus side, the zhe jiang pork ribs were pretty well done, both in terms of taste and texture. The fish was good, as can be expected from a Teochew restaurant. On the minus side, the tofu was unremarkable. The mee sua was a lost opportunity. Instead of a more interesting treatment, it was given the sing zhuo chow mein makeover. Such a pity.

In the end, the meal wasn't that good (although it wasn't bad per se), but neither was it that expensive. The bill came up to $56.80 including the fish which cost $30. The other items were $9 each. That's a little more expensive than the $5 or $6 which zi cha stalls charge. However Chin Lee's portions were substantially bigger. We agreed that it was at least good value for money.



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