Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Junk Food Hong Kong Style

After that meal at Long Beach, we felt a need to chill out, preferably where we could end the night on a high note. We did a quick promenade on the beach and then ended up at C-Nai Express, a branch of Hong Kong Cafe.

si mud nai cha (milk tea) with grass jelly (left) and ice blended mango pomelo (right)

french toast with mango jam

instant noodles

carrot cake with XO sauce

The drinks were perhaps not as good as the ones served at Hong Kong Cafe, but the food was better. The instant noodle soup was tasty and the mango jam was interesting. ES who ordered the carrot cake said it was excellent. The only thing that was really a let down was the toast with peanut butter. The oil it had been fried in tasted less than fresh. Other than that, we were happier with our supper there than our dinner at Long Beach!



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