Sunday, September 02, 2007

Membership Has Its Privileges

We had dined at the Tanglin Club previously, at its fine dining establishment, the Churchill Room, courtesy of KKN. After an afternoon of hobnobbing with the rich and richer at the Tanglin Club pool, HM and KKN decided to dine at the club's coffeehouse, the Wheelhouse. I was invited to join them for a modest repast.

The Teochew porridge buffet looked tempting but, in the end, we went with the regular menu.

KKN's "mah mee" (looked more like sang mee to me)

my unexpectedly creamy spaghetti marinara

HM's steak sandwich

HM's wild mushroom soup

apple pie ala mode

The food was moderately priced and decent enough. The bread bar was free and came with herbed butter. The fun part was the apple pie which came in a glass. The waitress dislodged the pastry crust, emptied out the filling onto a plate and then served the crust toppped with ice cream. Think apple pie deconstructed!

Now we're looking forward to trying out the club's steakhouse, the Tavern.



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