Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Restaurant, Not the Airline

Except for the tres hip decor, Garuda, run by the Tung Lok group, is a traditional nasi padang restaurant. One can order from a menu, but the restaurant has opted to let customers continue to pick and choose what they want from the traditional array of dishes.

gado gado (tofu and vegetables with peanut sauce)

anti-clockwise from down centre: bergedil daging (potato cutlet with minced beef), crispy salty fish, omelette and paru goreng (deepfried beef lung)

ayam kampung goreng bumbu (fried chicken with spices) and sayur lodeh (vegetables cooked in coconut milk)

tapioca leaves with salted fish

ikan gulai (fish curry)

es teler (avocado, jackfruit, red beans, jelly and coconut milk, topped with a ice kachang style chocolate syrup) on the left, chendol (red beans, jelly and coconut milk, topped with palm sugar) on the right

Despite the ultra-modern look and feel to the place, the food tasted authentically delicious (or deliciously authentic...) The fried chicken was a hit all round. HM and I both liked the tapioca leaves with salted fish, and HM dug the crispiness of the paru. The peanut sauce accompanying the gado gado may have been sweeter than the local usual, but ES and HM really enjoyed it.

Having said that, nothing was to die for. Therein lies the rub. At S$30 a head (for that meal at least), people are wont to expect more. Still, I'd sooner eat at the restaurant than fly the airline *shudder*



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