Sunday, September 09, 2007

Souper? Not...

Just the other night, we needed a quick light dinner midweek, so we thought we'd plonk ourselves down at the Soup Spoon. I know it's been at Raffles City for ages but neither of us had tried it out before. It looked busy enough and the menu sounded interesting.

roasted pumpkin soup

mushroom stroganoff in a bread bowl

breaded buttons with garlic aioli

Unfortunately the food looked and sounded better than it tasted. Of the two soups, we preferred the pumpkin soup for being relatively full in taste and more well-balanced. The mushroom soup was too creamy in our opinion. The button mushrooms tasted, well, fried. The only real plus point was the bread bowl which at least was interesting albeit mostly because of novelty value. Given a choice, we'd still head for Cedele if soup's what we're hankering for.



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