Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here Birdy Birdy Birdy

This was my only "free" day this week, meaning I did not physically have to be in school, although I was still working at home. This gave me the rare opportunity to head down to the Botanic Gardens while it was still light out, and in fact, be there early enough to catch the birds at their evening feeding routine.

I have to say I'm, like, the world's worst birder/photographer. Most of the birds I manage to spot and/or manage to take a photo of are invariably (and sometimes literally) sitting ducks i.e. they have to be just sitting there, in front of me, on the ground or at eye level. Otherwise, they have to be big and blue. This series of photos attests to that.

spotted dove

Spotted doves are perfect targets for me. They're everywhere, and the ones at the Botanic Gardens have no qualms about strutting right up to people. Media sluts!

whitebreasted waterhen and chick

Again, the waterhens are everywhere. They're not as in your face as the spotted doves, preferring to hide out along the fringes of the ponds but they're easy to locate, thanks to their gurgly calls. This time though the bonus was the chick! What a cute ball of "fur".

lesser tree duck

Now doesn't that look almost like padi fields in Ubud?

asian fairy bluebird

Here's a "rare" find for me. Spotted this fella skimming the surface of the pond next to Swan Lake for something to eat and then returning to perch on the branches of a tree right next to the pond. See, big and blue.

And these are some of Singapore's most common birds...

Eurasian tree sparrow

mynahs, I think



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