Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Black Pig Rules

It's been a really busy weekend where food is concerned. We've been out to eat with friends and family, and to a party as well. Still, with Monday looming, we felt we needed a little comfort food, and what better than a steaming bowl of ramen to enhance one's sense of well-being.

One of our favourite Japanese restaurants is located in the basement of Liang Court. Well, it's actually two restaurants in one - Tampopo and Tomton. One specialises in ramen while the other is hugely popular for its katsu don. As far as we're concerned, it's one dining experience, because we always order one bowl of ramen and one katsu don.

shabu ramen

katsu don shio (or shio katsu don?)

The restaurants' success lies in their use of specially imported pork from Japan, pork from the "black pig" or the Berkshire breed. I'm not sure if it's the equivalent of kobe or wagyu beef, but it's soooo succulent. The soup stock is apparently lovingly brewed for two days, from pork bones. We slurp up every last drop of it every time we have it. Then thin slices of the pork are tossed into the bowl of noodles together with bamboo shoot, vegetables and chilli to make for a totally shiok bowl of ramen. As for the katsu don, the katsu is consistently good. It's not just that the pork is mouthwateringly delicious, the batter is so light and crunchy. Tonight's was the shio version, meaning the main flavouring agent was simply salt. Served with a bowl of rice that was topped with slivers of celery, rocket and parsley, the taste of the pork was allowed to stand out. Simply put, simpler is better.



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