Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Tale of Two Zi Chas

We happened to have two midweek meals with friends, at two of the Village's zi cha stalls.

Kelong BBQ

While this place is more noted for its barbecue seafood, it didn't do too badly at all with these more homey dishes. (Sorry, none of us felt like fullfledged zi cha food that night.)

omelette with bitter gourd

stirfried kang kong with fu yu ("bean cheese" or fermented bean paste)

si chup (bean paste) fish head

chef's special tofu

We liked the omelette and the kang kong well enough. Too bad the fish head was a little overcooked. The tofu was a hit though. No doubt there was more to it than just tofu...

Shen Ji

Of the two places, this is the more well-known, plugged as it is by Moses Lim. (Check out the newspaper cuttings and photos plastered on the walls.) For those who like zi cha, this is the place to come to, in Holland Village. It's the only one with the REAL wok hei (wok energy?), especially if Mr Too-Big-For-His-Boots XO Fish Head Beehoon is discounted.

deepfried tofu with water chestnut

stirfried tou miao

pai kuat wong (sweet and sour pork ribs)

sam lao (stirfried rice noodles with sliced fish and beansprouts)

The overall standard of the food was good. The tofu here was well done too.

For those who prefer a more restaurant quality to their zi cha, Shen Ji would be the better bet. We liked Kelong Barbecue too for its homecooked fare.



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