Monday, October 01, 2007

Mmm, Chicken...

Kenny Rogers Roasters used to be a treat in the days when money was hard to come by. Now that things are a little more comfortable, we don't frequent it as often as we used to. Still, when HM is hankering for chicken, and after that disaster at that other place, it was a good bet for chicken.

lucille (half a chicken, half a slab of ribs)

side dishes - garden pasta salad, steamed vegetables and green beans

chicken soup

corn muffins

IBC rootbeer

We weren't disappointed with the chicken, but the ribs were certainly a letdown. I guess that teaches us to go to a chicken place expecting good ribs, and vice versa. Anyway, now that there are better places to get both chicken and ribs, I guess we still won't be going to Kenny Rogers too often, except when I need a corn muffin fix!



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