Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sik Foon (Eat Rice Hakka Style)

This was another one of those serenpiditious finds, not that we didn't already know about Moi Kong Hakka Restaurant at Murray Terrace, but we ended up eating there only because we were looking for and failed to find some other restaurant altogether. It turned out to be just the thing we needed - comfort food in the middle of the week.

kou rou mei chai (pork belly stewed with preserved plum leaves)

buns to go with the pork

chicken in wine

jiu chai with century egg and salted egg

We wished we had more company so that we could try more dishes, such as the tripe. In the end, we picked two Hakka stalwarts, the pork belly and the chicken in wine. The pork belly dish was delicious. The sauce was fragrant, perfect with the buns; the preserved veggie was tender, and the pork was melt-in-the-mouth good. The chicken dish was less successful. HM did not like the strong "chicken-y" taste of the meat (frozen meat perhaps?) that even the pungent wine sauce could not mask. The last dish of vegetables with two kinds of egg, a Cantonese favourite really, had her slurping up the last drop though. The bill was also a reasonable $35, more reason for us to return, with more eating kakis such as the pork-loving KKN in tow.



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