Monday, October 29, 2007

Vegetarian Food Boring? Not!

Not when it's Indian vegetarian food. Despite having stuffed our faces at the French Stall earlier, we couldn't pass up the chance to have a smackeroo at Ananda Bhavan, the vegetarian restaurant chain with a branch on every corner of Little India.

evangelical zeal (photo courtesy of KKN)

the gods must approve
We ordered a couple of snacks...

pani puri

One of HM's favourites, pani puri are fried pastry shells, filled with odds and ends such as beans, potato and raw onions, that are dipped into a tamarind sauce. They're light and easy to pop into the mouth.

they look alike on the outside

peek inside and discover it's a kheema thosai!

We ordered two thosai, those Indian pancakes filled with all kinds of yummy things. We had a masala thosai, stuffed with potatoes, and a vegetarian kheema thosai, stuffed with spicy soy bean mince. The latter was something a little different. I liked the mix of spices and it was spicy alright.

Our bill came up to $17 for 3 masala tehs, 1 mango lassi, 2 thosai and 1 pani puri, not too bad for a Deepavali "feast". Too bad we couldn't do the full thing, not when the fairly mild masala thosai sent KKN reaching for the water, spluttering...

sweets we didn't try (photo courtesy of KKN)



Anonymous ES said...

Can't remember which programme I recently learnt this from. Kheema is apparently minced mutton with potato. =)

11:55 am  
Blogger blobbes said...

Yes it is. I love mutton kheema, especially on rice. The vegetarian version was quite interesting too, no?

2:05 pm  

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