Tuesday, October 16, 2007


macha (green tea) mousse

It was a cold, wet and dreary day. We had just finished lunch at a well-known Japanese restaurant* at Robertson Walk and we had no plans for the afternoon. What a perfect excuse for a spot of dessert and coffee at Canele. In any case, HM had been hunting these down ever since the start of Canele's Macaron Festival:

macarons, 6 for $22

Truth be told, none of the six new flavours - marron glace (candied chestnut), citron vert (green lime), macha (green tea), sesame, pistache et griottine (pistachio and brandied cherry), nosettine truffle (white truffle and hazelnut) - could hold a light to our usual favourites, especially not the rose and salty caramel flavours. So much for limited edition macarons!

*restaurants that have fallen for their own publicity spin to the point that they do not allow photography because, gasp, someone may steal their ideas obviously do not need more publicity.



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