Friday, October 26, 2007

Just Like Grandma Used To Make

I'm beginning to like the current wave of restaurant turnovers in our neck of the woods. Marmalade Pantry was a one for one exchange with Cafe Rosso, both of which I like, and then Spizza gave way to La Nonna. On MM's recommendation, we decided to check it out last Friday evening.

bread basket

The minute the bread basket arrived, HM was won over. She couldn't stop eating the flatbread while browsing the menu and waiting for the food to arrive. In all, we ordered two mains and a starter for three of us.

pork sausage bruschetta

The bruschetta was an appetising starter, with lots of savoury sausage.

squid ink pizza with seafood

The pizza was a revelation. Of course, it had to be thin crust pizza.

fettucine with parma ham and truffle cream sauce

While the pizza and bread kept HM busy, I was pre-occupied with the fettucine. I love Italian style pasta, where the pasta itself is front and centre, not smothered under some sauce, as opposed to American style pasta where the pasta is merely the base for the sauce and ingredients. Despite the truffle cream sauce, the fettucine was never in any fear of being overwhelmed. Needless to say, the pasta was al dente indeed. Excellent stuff!

The portions were reasonable, feeding three of us quite adequately. At $56 in total, prices were within reason too. Now, with the moribund Gelare being replaced by an Olio, all I need is a Cedele.

the icing on the cake - the house cat!



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