Friday, October 19, 2007

Better Curry Favour

Curry Favor (sic), the Japanese curry joint, was not on my radar at all, but we ended up at the Novena Square branch with a bunch of friends one evening. The place was designed to be hip but fended up feeling more like a food court.

beef yaki (grilled beef)

This looked pretty darn good and didn't taste too bad either, but we ordered this next dish because "cheese cuttlefish" sounded interesting.

cheese cuttlefish

Unfortunately, what appeared was yu tiao (dough fritters) of the stuffed variety, albeit of the cheesy stuffed variety. Not so interesting after all.

pork katsu curry

All in all, it was a ho-hum meal, and at $96 for two sets of pork katsu curry, one tempura udon, one beef yaki, one cheese cuttlefish and four cups of green tea of various sorts, it wasn't exactly cheap. I'd say they need to work harder at sakar-ing (currying favour).



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