Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oktoberfest, Ja...

Finally, we had our Oktoberfest fix at Baden Baden, our friendly neighbourhood German pub, no less. For a moment there, we had considered making our way to Magma, the German bistro at Bukit Pasoh, but we can be lazy and inertia won.

dark beer and diet coke

sausage sampler - bratwurst, brockwurst, chicken chipolata, pork chipolata and I forget what

We kicked off the festivities with some beer and some sausages, before moving on to some serious eating. I must say, the sausages were excellent. 'Twas a pity we didn't have any room for more.

chicken soup with noodles

I find it hard to resist ordering any kind of chicken soup, especially chicken soup with dumplings or noodles (probably the result of a childhood obsession with my mother's chicken soup and later on in life, Campbell's chicken noodle soup). Anyway, this version wasn't particularly good.

bacon mushroom wraps

The bacon mushroom wraps though were just the kind of mouthwatering heartclogging starter we needed before the meat came on. It was a simple but effective combination - now, why can't more places get this right? (I think, too often, people resort to breading the mushrooms but really that can go so wrong.)

pork schnitzel

The pork schnitzel wasn't very schnitzelly. It was THICK and juicy, nicely fried up, but still thick.

pork knuckle

The pork knuckle came off really well. The crackling was nicely crispy while the meat was tender, just the thing to end an Oktoberfest repast.

The evening at Baden Baden was a pleasant relaxed one. While stuffing our faces with pork, pork and more pork, we watched poor Everton go two men down and lose to Liverpool. The only fly in the ointment was the substandard service, but that was mostly because of the poor boy waiting on our table. He admitted that that was his first day on the job. Still, it was a tad annoying that he could not recommend a beer when asked to, nor did he make it clear that two people could not share the one for one happy hour special on the first round of drinks. Oh, and he didn't offer us a choice of potato (mashed, crispy, french fried) which we were entitled to with our sausage sampler...



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