Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

Sadly, this entry's alternative title is "A Return Visit to Ema's Diner Gone Horribly Wrong". We had returned, newly armed with the restaurant's privilege card and a "welcome" discount voucher, eager to sample more of the lovely food we had had on our first visit. We decided not to order any of the items flagged as chef's recommendations. We had in fact tried most of them on our first visit and enjoyed them tremendously. How wrong could we go with the rest of the menu... Perhaps that was our mistake but first, we struck out from the word 'go'. Roast chicken? Not available. Great. So we opted for...

baked mussels


house salad that came with the lasagna

seafood spaghetti

grilled salmon

ginger milk pudding

The lasagna, seafood spaghetti and ginger milk pudding were alright, and the mash was still great, but the baked mussels were unevenly heated. The plate was oven hot but a few mussels were still refrigerator-cold. The grilled salmon was not even cooked through.

milo dinosaur

But what took the cake was how we ended up with a milo dinosaur (which incidentally KKN complained was too thin, although I didn't mind it). Our discount voucher offered a list of freebies from which we could choose one item. There were four items on the list - chilli fries, cappucino, milo dinosaur and something else which we weren't interested in and I can't even remember now. First we asked for the chilli fries but we were told that it was not available. We looked down the regular menu and asked for an item of similar value ($4.90, I think it was) but were told that we could have regular fries but not that item. When we pointed out that regular fries were cheaper, no explanation was given why we couldn't have a similar priced item. Disgruntled but not up to making a fuss, we asked for the cappucino instead. Get this - their coffee machine was not working. With the prospect of us returning to this place looking less and less likely, we decided to cut our losses and trade in our discount voucher for a milo dinosaur.

We were left wondering what happened. Did the regular staff all up and quit? Was the place staffed by temp staff that night? God knows...



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