Sunday, November 04, 2007

So What If It's Not a Silver Spoon?

HM and I ran away from work the other day, to have lunch at Blue Spoon, the snack bar (that's what they call it) that also supplies precooked meals in frozen packages. Tucked away in Ghim Moh, below a block of HDB flats, the place was no frills indeed but it attracted a steady stream of customers.

Between the two of us, we had:

shepherd's pie

ayam buah keluak

mushroom soup

guinness steak and mushroom pie

chocolate cherry trifle

The mushroom soup and the steak and mushroom pie were quite forgettable. The soup tasted somewhat floury, as if a thickener like starch had been added. (Unfortunately, we had had an excellent mushroom soup from Saybons the night before, so this one really paled in comparison.) The pie pastry was alright but the meat was too dry. The Guinness was not evident either.

Compared to these, the chocolate cherry trifle was at least fun. A chocolate pudding with dark cherries embedded and handwhipped cream topping it, it wasn't gourmet but we enjoyed it.

The highlights were the shepherd's pie and the ayam buah keluak (chicken stewed with the kluwek nut). This version of the pie used minced chicken; we were late and they had run out of the beef alternative. Although we would have preferred beef, the pie was still delicious, moist and buttery. The Peranakan stalwart, ayam buah keluak, was also well executed, particularly with the rice and achar (pickled vegetables nonya style) served.

Together with two lattes, the bill came up to $28.70. The ayam buah keluak was $5.90, the shepherd's pie $5.50, not expensive for the quality and quantity. While not everything was equally good, it was nice to find homecooked style food. We'll be back to explore the rest of the menu (Eurasian Chicken Curry Debal, Chinese Beef Stew, Roast Chicken...).



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