Sunday, November 04, 2007

Japanese Food on the Cheap

We went on a five hour urban trek the other day, ending up in the Club Street area.
HM couldn't make up her mind on what she wanted for dinner, till we wandered into China Square. Tomikawa is a favourite with one of our friends, YT, who swears by it for her cheap Japanese food fix.

my tempura udon

HM's saba shio (grilled mackerel) set

The udon was decent - soup was not bad - but I didn't like the tempura. The batter and the vegetables were somewhat hard, and the prawns were overwhelmed by batter. HM's saba shio set was good though. The fish was fresh and nicely grilled. HM also liked the chawan mushi (steamed egg) that came with the set. I guess for $11.50 in total I shouldn't complain too much!



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