Saturday, October 06, 2007


HM had been going on about this great new cafe that recently opened opposite her office. Food For Thought served up good cafe food, she said. I finally had the chance to check out the place the other evening, with HM and ES in tow.

Food For Thought was teeny-weeny, so small that the evening we were there we had to sit outside on the pavement. Fortunately, at that time of the evening, traffic along North Bridge Road wasn't that busy. Unfortunately, the students from the private school next door took frequent smoke breaks, choosing to loiter on the stairs right next to our table.

Manned by undergraduates (or so HM says), the cafe had a nice friendly buzz going for it. The menu, comprising soups, sandwiches and pastries, had just enough options to allow for a little dithering.

We had both soups:

potato and ham chowder

shiitake mushroom with fennel soup

Both soups were substantial. The mushroom soup was particularly good. HM raved about it being fullbodied without being creamy; we don't think there was actually any cream in it!

Then came the sandwiches:

grilled ham and cheese sandwich

Cuban ham and pork sandwich

pulled pork sandwich

The selection was interesting. How often do we see pulled pork and Cuban anything on the menu? All three sandwiches were yummy. I liked the fact that the bread was lightly toasted, just nice.

Last but not least were the pastries.

carrot cake

All the pastries on display were named after various aunties. We were wondering why till HM mentioned that the shop farmed out all its baking to, yes, various aunties. The carrot cake we tried was good but, honestly, not great, but we'll be back to try the other stuff.



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