Monday, October 15, 2007

We Have A Winner!

Yup, Victor's Cafe is the real thing. Tucked away in ulu Sunshine Plaza, this little snack bar lookalike is known for serving up restaurant standard dim sum. We had the chance to savour Victor's expertise one Sunday when we were mooching around, looking for a late lunch. Fortunately we had managed to avoid the lunch crowd and got a table immediately. (Shortly after that, arriving customers had to wait a moment or two for a table to free up.)

no frills chinese tea

There is nothing fancy about Victor's, so for people who need ambience to eat well, they may have to give this place a miss. As for us, this meant we could focus entirely on the pleasures of the palate.

king prawn har kow

some other kind of shrimp dumpling (ok, I forget what...)

steamed carrot cake

gai chok or chicken porridge

custard buns

glutinous rice with chicken and chinese sausage

So what was good about food? The "skin" or pei was fine by any standard, particularly so for a small time operation like this, and the ingredients were super fresh, two musts for dim sum to be considered good. The items that really stood out were the glutinous rice with chicken and chinese sausage and the steamed carrot cake. This glutinous rice dish is usually overly loaded with dried shrimp; this version was so subtly blended that the flavours of all the ingredients were enhanced, not overpowered. Moreover, the rice was soft and fluffy. As for the carrot cake, not only was it chockful of carrot flavour, the texture was exquisite. Warning: for those who like their carrot cake crunchy on the outside, this will not be their cup of tea.

And the best part of the experience was the size of the bill - approx $25 for two people. Need I say more?



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Psst - Isn't it Victor's Kitchen?

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